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TV Temptation During Ramadan

Barrier pada TV Indonesia:
* Isu agama, lembaga agama.

TV Temptation During Ramadan

September 5th, 2006, in Islam, Media, Religion, Television, by Patung

The Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) advises what should not appear on television screens during the upcoming “holy month” of Ramadan.

Chairman of the Ulema Council, Ma’ruf Amin, warned television stations recently not to show any programs that would be offensive to the soon approaching celebration of the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Stop programs which are offensive to the Islamic holy month.
(Hentikan tayangan TV yang akan menodai bulan suci umat Islam ini.)

Programs which he thought likely to offend Muslims during Ramadan were those which were pornographic or sexually suggestive, gossip oriented infotainment shows, some kinds of soap operas, and generally any content which would make it difficult for Muslims to stick to fasting or would tempt them to break the fast before the appointed time.

Meanwhile in related news, the same man, Maruf, said he is working with the Departement of Social Affairs to ensure that the fatwa issued by the MUI against SMS prize schemes on television will be respected by the operators of the schemes. The MUI decided at its last conference that such SMS messages constituted a form of gambling.

Maruf admitted that the MUI had no authority to enforce its fatwa and that it was reliant on the Departement of Social Affairs to do so.

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